About us

Kailash Khadi Gramudyog" - manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality purely natural & herbal products like soaps, shampoos, essential oils etc. We pride ourselves in handcrafting products that are eco-friendly and skin friendly. We make products from scratch using essential oils, herbs and fragrances, natural vegetable oils and natural colours.

We offer wide range of herbal products so that our clients can choose products suiting their skin & body needs.

Our soaps & shampoos produce a rich, creamy lather and a relaxing aromatherapy experience. Many of our soaps are highly desired because of their ability to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems with no side effects on skin and body.

Our handmade soaps create a natural barrier to the sun, cold, and dryness. The essential fatty acids in the vegetable oils help to regulate moisture, nourish, and restructure the skin. The general health of skin is directly related to its moisture content - how much water it is able to retain. Healthy skin "cleans house" under normal conditions, and can retain moisture. Heat, cold, pollution, ultraviolet rays, and synthetic cosmetics create an imbalance in our skin that causes dryness and aging. While animal fat can block the skins breathing system, a thin layer of vegetable oil will keep internal moisture from evaporating too quickly and allow the skin to release waste and absorb moisture from the air. Handmade soap not only lathers better to clean away dirt, but each and every vegetable oil imparts its unique properties to the skin.

Handmade soap is made using pure vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, natural emollients, water, essential or fragrance oils. Once combined, the vegetable oils and sodium hydroxide react with one another and neutralize into soap. This process is called saponification.

In comparison, most other commercial soaps are made from a tallow or animal fat base. Once the basic soap is made, a machine presses it between sets of rollers to flatten it paper thin and remove most of the natural glycerine for profit. The soap is shredded and subjected to an extrusion process that squeezes out a long bar of tightly compacted soap flakes which are then cut into bars.

Did you know, that you don't need to add glycerine to make a glycerine soap base? Natural glycerine is formed during saponification. Handmade soaps contain about 7% natural glycerine while commercial soap contains only about .5%.

Herbal products are perfect for gifting for your special and loved ones for every occasion. Whatever your pleasure, Kailash khadi gramudyog products are sure a natural, elegant and aroma therapeutic which are always right for you.